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Improving the performance appraisal process by Bhushan Desai On 6. April 2012 10:53

There are usually many questions during the performance appraisal process. There are expectations from both the employer and the employee. A recent news item highlighted the need to curb attrition after the performance appraisal ( ).

One of the best practices that can be used during performance appraisal is a science based assessment of candidates against job requirements. The job assessment is done by the manager and the incumbent. This allows the desired expectations to be clear for both the manager and the person doing the job. Brining clarity about job expectations helps the manager have a better dialogue with the employee on gaps and areas of improvement.

 A recent research has shown that best companies integrate employee and job data in different talent processes. The research (©2011 Aberdeen Research) shows that the Best companies are

  • 85% more likely to be able to correlate post-hire assessment results to ongoing performance
  • 42% more likely to be able to tie ongoing performance back to pre-hire assessments than all other companies

It is interesting to note the level of importance that is being given to assessment data in these companies.

The chart below clearly shows the difference between the best companies and the average ones. As you can see again the best companies (and PI clients) make use of data driven insights to manage performance.   


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