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India Inc - succession planning & use of job analytics by Bhushan Desai On 11. March 2012 15:45

The topic of succession planning has been around for a while and Indian companies have been trying to focus more on the same. A recent article in a leading newspaper highlighted an interesting phenomena that HR faces with respect to fading stars, non-performing executives….. (full article here )

Though the article cites many different ways to tackle such issues, there are some basics that the company needs to follow

  • Job Analytics: Understanding the requirements of the role and how its changing over time is very critical. This factor is often ignored by companies and stakeholders lack a common understanding of the role. This creates confusion in the performance management and other talent processes.
  • Succession planning: is a continuous ongoing process and at any given time there needs to be a solid candidate waiting in line. And its also important to follow a science-based process that makes this activity objective and understood by all stakeholders.

Below are two graphs taken from the recently published Aberdeen Report that highlights importance of science based assessments that help in the various stages of talent management (full paper is here

As you can see from the first chart, the best companies use assessments data at the hiring stage and also to manage day-to-day performance of the individual. Assessment data gives you a peek into how you can motivate this individual to action.

The second chart shows the impact this kind of data can have on key metrics. The most important of them here is the bench strength and key positions filled internally. As you can see the impact this data has on the different metrics.   



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