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Indian Auto industry needs Talent Process Efficiency by Bhushan Desai On 22. January 2012 20:53

Many of us are today following the Indian stock market and different industries. One industry that is predicted to be doing well this year is the Auto industry. The commercial vehicle segment has been seeing entry of some big mutli nationals and is one of the hottest industries today. Some highlights of this industry are (Source:


·         India is the world’s second largest growing auto market

·         Commercial vehicle sales grew by around 35% this year

·         Overall the industry registered around 32% growth in sales


Another industry closely inter-related is the Auto Component industry. The industry has seen phenomenal growth in the past years and is set to grow at CAGR 15%  per year till 2020.

Let us come back to the Commercial vehicle segment, which also comprises of three-wheelers. There are several challenges this industry faces w.r.t. people.

·         Creating strong and effective sales force. This can result in big Top-line impact.

·         Getting right people in production, quality & other operational functions. People can make a big Bottom-line impact.

As the industry continues to bring efficiencies in its operations, PI can help bring efficiencies in the people side of the industry. An example of how a company has been using PI at the mechanic level is given here.

On the sales front, building an effective salesforce will be very important for companies as competition heats up in both these industries. PI helps you to define the drives and skills required at

The Auto & Auto Comp industry is all set for high growth and by using science in their talent processes they can make a further impact to their bottom line. 


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