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Building an Assessment Culture by Bhushan Desai On 29. December 2011 17:10

Many Indian companies have been trying to establish processes that are more objective and based on scientific methods. In the coming days, as Indian companies try to become more professional and transparent its important they understand the value of using these methods.

A recent research done by Aberdeen Group, highlights some ways in which the best companies integrate assessments data so that it is actually linked to performance and doesn’t remain a one-time activity. (The full report is available at ).

The below graph shows how the best companies are different from the others. The best companies integrate this data in the talent process.  


Indian companie need to keep in mind several points in order to use assessment data successfully

·         Integration of data in different stages of employee lifecycle

·         Ability to link data to performance

·         Measuring the impact of using this data

·         Maintaining linkages between pre-hire & post-hire. Its used continuously on an ongoing basis

·         Impact of using the tool is understood

As you can see in the graph, PI Worldwide clients are more likely than the best-in-class companies to integrate assessments data with the various talent processes. 


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