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Talent Assessment - Key Organizational capabilities required by Bhushan Desai On 24. December 2011 11:13

There is a lot of things being said about capability building in Indian companies. Aspirations are high, and with growth the challenges are also many. Indian companies want to use the best systems in the world to strengthen talent within the organization. When it comes to Assessments & its use in the organization, Indian management must have an understanding about some key aspects that can make the use of such systems beneficial for the organization. The following points try to highlight these aspects.

The following graph comes  from a recent research done by the Aberdeen Group (The full report is available at ). 




It shows several things that are true for the companies identified as Best-in-class. The top companies

·         Communicate the value of assessments & how it impacts the business

·         Have management buy-in & is considered to be a key organizational capability

·         Hiring managers know how to use the output of assessments (as opposed to just reading reports)

·         Data is made available to decision makers

As, can be seen in the chart PI Worldwide clients excel in all the above areas thus demonstrating the understanding that PI has brought to these organizations. 


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